Water Quality Serverilance

Our representative product
Automatic water quality monitor- "Killifish bioassay"

Our products are introduced to all water related facilities like public filtration plants including mineral water factories and food factories.
We will protect safety and security of residents and consumers.

Fish monitoring makes it possible to detect water pollution caused by pouring  acute toxic substances  at an early stage.

Enforcement revision of the Water Supply Act (Notification of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2000)

In water business where tap water sources could be contaminated, it must be considered to breed fish and introduce automatic monitoring devices if necessary in order to detect water pollution caused by pouring acute toxic substances at an early stage.

■Water Supply Act Article 23 Section 1 Emergency stop of water supply
Tap water suppliers must immediately stop water supply and inform the people concerned about the danger of using the water if the supplier knew the fact that the water could harm human's health.
■Water Supply Act Article 52 Penalty
A person who violates the Article 23 Section 1 is to be punished by imprisonment for 3 years or less / 3 million yen or less fine.

Features of automatic water quality monitor 「killifish bioassay」 of Kankyo Electronics Co.,Ltd.

  • シンプルで機能が凝縮
  • メダカが元気
  • あらゆる原水に合格


Eliminating all wasteful parts, we packed only the feature required in this apparatus whose form is simple with the excellence of earthquake and lightening resistance.
This apparatus is good at extension and compatibility. It is easy to be connected with existing monitoring equipment.
When the alarm is buzzing, the solenoid valve in the monitoring tank is automatically activated and the test water will be collected in the container. You can check the result of the water quality analysis in the test center at a later time.

  • Model :NBA-03
  • Structure type :Indoor stand-alone type
  • Dimension:W700×H1800×D700
  • Weight:145kg
  • Power supply voltage :AC100V
  • Power consumption :1300W(max)
  • Image output :3 points (NTSC1 Vp-p )
  • Alarm output :9 points (No-voltage a-contact)
  • Communication output :1 point (Ethernet)


Considering natural environment, we designed the monitoring tank where killifish can live long.

  • ・False alarms were solved by making it possible for killifish to live long.
  • ・We made a very shallow oval shaped tank where water flows like ocean current with the depth of 65mm or less.
  • ・The tank can hold 8 liters of water. It is possible to conduct a continuous examination of 0.8 to 1.5 liters of water per minute.
  • ・Bait is automatically fed. Fish feces and residual feed are automatically cleaned by flowing water.
  • ・Bird’s-eye image of the monitoring water tank is taken by the CCD video camera from above.
  • ・An image of the monitoring tank is divided into 56 blocks and 64 sensors dots per block detect movements of small fish.

It is possible to inspect any test waters with various type of optiional devices.

  • Filtering device
    Filtering device
  • Fiiltering device for highly turbid water purification
    Fiiltering device
    for highly turbid water purification
  • Humidifier  (separate type)
    Humidifier (separate type)
  • Chlorine neutralizer
    Chlorine neutralizer
  • PC and software for data management
    PC and software for data management
  • Remote monitoring equipment
    Remote monitoring equipment

This equipment has been installed in many unmanned water purification plants and unmanned water intake facilities.